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Premium-blend Compost
Premium-blend Compost

Our "secret" for great compost iis aging for 7 years with multiple blendings of proprietary natural, organic ingredients.  Premium-blend Compost contains over 70 major, secondary, and trace minerals in all! This ensures there are no missing elements that will limit plant growth.

Premium-blend Compost includes bio-available Silicon, a nutrient that often is unavailable in our native soils and can limit healthy plant growth. A macro-element, plants absorb and utilize silicon at amounts equal to or higher than nitrogen (if it is available)!

Premium-Blend Compost is made especially for the growing condition that we see daily in Florida.  This balanced and nutrionally-rich compost is made specifically for most plants that like a 6.0 - 6.5 pH range.  While this will include most plants, it is not designed for acid loving plants like blueberries and Azaleas.

Our demonstration raised beds with Premium-blend Compost produce incredible results. Four tomato plants in our compost produced 156 tomatoes. In the test bed where another compost was used, four almost identical plants (started at the same time from the same cell packs and treated the same except for the type of compost) produced 62 tomatoes. That's a huge increase with the use of our great, "double-composted" compost! Tomatoes grown in our compost produced 3 times as much as those grown in the most expensive medium purchased from a "big box" garden center.    

Premium-blend Compost is available in attractive 32 qt. bags or by the cubic yard with One Cu. Yd. Min.  We deliver within 50 miles of our warehouse in DeLand, Florida. Delivery outside this area is by UPS or common carrier.
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Our Premium-blend Compost grows vegetables, flowers, and crops like no other!
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The cucumber yield on this bed of Premium-blend compost was incredible and the cukes were picture perfect!
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