Benefits of GroCal MGB
Improves firmness, size and quality of fruit
High analysis of liquid formulation
Contains significant amounts of Magnesium and Boron 
The role of Calcium.
Calcium is important in cell division and growth development. 
Calcium forms the major constituent of cell walls and membranes.
Calcium helps protect the plant from toxins and the aging process is 
GroCal MGB
Calcium (Ca) 17% - Nitrogen (N) 10% - Magnesium  (Mg) 4% -
 Boron (B) 0.1% - Manganese (Mn) 0.013% 
GroCal MGB is the only liquid Calcium formulated with high levels of Calcium and other key minor elements to enhance the uptake of Calcium.   Calcium has poor mobility when applied by itself but Agrichem of Australia has fixed this problem with the addition of Magnesium and Boron along with a unique manufacturing process. GroCal can be used through irrigation or spayed on foliage with any pump-up or air blast sprayer. GroCal with its low pH works as a buffer for high pH waters.  Tank mix GroCal with other chemicals for easy applications.  Most application rates are from 10 - 32 oz per acre for foliage application making GroCal very cost effective.
Soils may show high levels of Calcium but many times the plant tissue will show deficiency. Increasing the levels of calcium in leaf tissue can help the plant or fruit avoid pest and disease by adding to the thickness of the cell wall. Post harvest shelf life is improved with increased Calcium levels in the plant/fruit tissue.  
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Calcium aids plants in building healthy cells, helps protect the plant from toxins and retards the aging process. 
Liquid Calcium makes applications on established gardens as easy as sprinkling water with a sprinkler. Just mix ¼ teaspoon to 1 gallon of water per 100 square feet. Mixture can be applied using a watering can. On larger areas, application of 1 pint per acre using a spray machine or if properly equipped application can be made through an irrigation system.  This product is for foliar application. For soil correction check with your soil consultant 

" There is a lot of products out there that don't really work, but with the Grocal MGB I could see the results. On my Israeli Ruscus I had phenomenal results right away. As Ruscus matures it can develop whitish spots from calcium deficiency that almost looks like burn. The Grocal stopped this in its tracks and worked so much quicker and easier than the Camodil I used to use. I use Grocal on tree fern and leatherleaf too, but where I see the biggest results is Plumosis. It has heavier stems and it really helps the Plumosis mature quicker. I go by results and its got to make me money. I'm tickled with the Grocal MGB results and feel it has helped us a lot."
 Mike Cade, F P Cade and Sons

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