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Have you asked why your soils don’t produce like they used to or has someone asked you about problems with soils on their land? Do not be surprised that most farmers have asked this very question several times every year. Incredibly, in 1936 the United States Senate (74th Congress, 2nd Session) found that re-mineralization is the answer to this question. However, Congress was worried about the cost to remedy poor soil conditions, so the report was shelved and nothing was done except to recommend more nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium soil inputs.   
In 1992 The United Nations Earth Summit did a follow-up report to see if soils around the world were better or worse. This report showed every country had similar problems, but North American farm and range soils were the worst. The report stated that over the past 100 years North America lost 85% of the mineral content in the soil surface. This is a serious problem as plants need complete mineralization to be a healthy source of food for both animals and humans.
Perhaps the problem of lost minerals is best summarized is by the late Dr. William A. Albrecht, former Chairman of the Department of Soils at the University of Missouri. Dr. Albrecht, also considered by many to be the father of soil science, said:  “Declining soil fertility, due to a lack of organic material, major elements, and trace minerals, is responsible for poor crops and in turn for pathological conditions. In animals fed deficient foods from mineral deficient soils we get deficient food. This continues up the food chain - mankind is no exception.”
Dr. Albrecht goes further to unequivocally lay the blame: “NPK formulas, as legislated and enforced by State Departments of Agriculture, mean malnutrition, attack by insects, bacteria and fungi, weed takeover, crop loss in dry weather, and general loss of mental acuity in the population, leading to degenerative metabolic disease and early death.” And “It is high time to learn that our national health lies in our soil and the guarantee against failing health lies in the wise management of the soil for production of nutritious foods."
So, what does all of this mean for the grower? Without all of the natural minerals in the soil we cannot grow healthy plants.  It is no different than a plant under stress all of the time. Insect and disease problems will continue to become worse if growers do not start re-mineralizing the soil. 
Is re-mineralizing difficult to do? Fortunately, there is an easy and inexpensive solution with a material called Azomite®, a naturally-mined volcanic pumice that contains over 70 minerals that makes soil restoration easy.  Have you, as a grower, seen new pathogens affecting your crop; have you experienced a loss in production, higher growing costs, and poor crop quality?  Sadly, it is happening all too often with devastating results. 
Citrus groves treated with Azomite® and other good nutritional are returning to profitable harvests even in “greening” infected groves. Not only are the groves returning to high production but costs have been reduced because fewer fertilizers and pesticides are needed. 
Now is the time to bring your crop back to a healthy and productive condition. Let’s stop the senseless practice of over-using toxic chemicals, which is killing mineralizing bacteria and other beneficial microbial life in our soils.
The use of natural materials such as Azomite® facilitates healthy soil conditions where beneficial microorganisms out-compete pathogens and make growing a profitable crop much easier. Without life-giving microbes in the soil we are in trouble. These microbes contribute to the release of minerals to our crops, the build-up of organic matter, and protection from pathogenic fungi. Complete and balanced mineralization, adequate organic matter, and proper soil moisture are necessary ingredients for healthy, living soil with healthy, beneficial microbes.
Healthy, properly mineralized soils grow highly nutritious plants that do not suffer from “hidden hunger”. Azomite® not only alleviates hidden hunger by supplying all elements necessary to plant and animal health, it also supplies a high level of bio-available silicon, a macro-element that is deficient in sandy and “muck” type soils. Silicon is of great importance in plant metabolism (second in importance to carbon), building a sturdy plant, preventing “lodging” (leaf drooping), and reducing stresses from environmental factors such as drought, heat, and freezes. Also, Azomite® contains over 5% potassium, almost 3% calcium, and almost 1% magnesium, making this natural material much more than a great source of trace minerals. Indeed, Azomite® is one of the best materials available to transform soil and plant health, and the health of animals and humans. 
Depending on the crop and complete soil and tissue analysis, you may have to add some additional fertilizer elements, but at lower rates than before applying this OMRI approved, naturally mined material. We all win with natural soil re-mineralization with Azomite®.
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